Women on the Fast Track Continued…

Women on the Fast Track

Fierce Females: Celebrating Women on the Fast Track

We have seen the benefits of being a working woman in the earlier article now let’s see the cost women have to pay with the Balancing Act & as rightly said NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Women on the Fast Track Continued...

  • In such cases where the family role and the worker role are incompatible, psychological reactions such as guilt, depression, and anxiety and physiological effects such as fatigue, short temper, and lowered resistance to physical illness are a consequence. The latter is commonly termed as a ‘burnout’.
  • The combination of the dual role played by the working woman is demanding and difficult. The way she executes her roles does to a large extent affect the other role. For example, if a woman is asked to stay back after working hours thereby not allowing her to pick up her child from a tuition class, she has to decide between staying back as directed or picking up her child. Here she is faced with a conflict between her role as a mother and as a working woman.
  • It is taxing for working women as at the end of the day they get mentally & physically drained out with lots of responsibility they need to handle & also the day-to-day traveling that has to be done to their workplace takes a toll on them.
  • Working women spend a great deal of time with paid work and family responsibilities. As a result, they get to spend very little time with themselves.

A mother is the central figure in a child’s life. Combining the maternal role with the newly adopted role (working) has both positive and negative implications for the child’s life.

What Are The Child’s Losses?

  • The first 5 years of the child’s development are extremely important, as these are the formative years. Proper guidance and care in various aspects of life such as language, dressing, conduct, and behavior are essential.
  • Children are known to complain that they get to spend too little time with their working mothers. They do not get to communicate or play as much as they would want/like to.

All in all…

The Balancing Act is no easier than the ‘GREAT ROPE TRICK’. Being a working woman is definitely a challenging task. It requires creativity, skill, stability, and the will to play these vital roles effectively.

Most working women feel guilty about staying away from their families, yet feel more competent, economically secure, and more in charge of their lives.

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