Confused Between MBA/MMS/PGDBA/PGDBM



A Business Administration degree differs from other masters degrees. It includes a lot more practical work on transferring the academic theories of the courses into a set of tools or capabilities that these holders can use in the real business world.  In the context of degree the word ‘administration’ refers to the overall management of all aspects of the firm’s business. Degree in Business Administration is referred by different names. E.g.  MBA or MMS or PGDBA or PGDBM


: It refers to Masters in Business Administration.


: It refers to Masters in Management Studies.


It refers to Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration


: It refers to Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

The purview of the course in all these degrees is similar. They are only the different names of the similar course. They are referred to either of them depending on the Institutes offering them. For instance Mumbai University refers to its Management course as MMS while Pune University calls it as an MBA. The IIM’s which are the premier institutes offering management education offer PGDBA.

The values of a PGDBA offered by IIM’s cannot be undermined in any way in comparison to the MBA degree offered by any University. Generally the autonomous institutes who do have a status of a University or Deemed University offer PGDBA or a PGDBM.

All these courses offer several specializations. Some of them are

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Systems
  • Operations
  • International Business

Many even offer a combination of these specializations.

There are several Institutes offering Business Administration degree at Masters Level in India. All of them have their own selection procedure. They generally have a written test followed by GD and PI. Some Institutes use common exams while some have their own. Students need to check the details before applying.


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