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Career CounsellorMost of the people come to meet us because they are confused, which is logical. Why would anyone visit a counsellor otherwise? Because the wise understand that getting a Confirmation of their career path is also essential to turn it into a Concrete plan. The decision should, therefore, be made in a rational manner to eliminate any chances of regret or loss of resources[Time & Money].

Given the fact that the world of careers has become more complex and challenging; visiting a Career Counsellor is just not just important but also become a need today. We on our part are trying to make your visit more fruitful and worthwhile. Our job is just not suggesting careers, but recommending careers which are better suited to you based on your profile. While discussing careers, finding out alternative ways of reaching your careers and also exploring the ones which may not be on your radar and while doing so, being pragmatic about the admission procedure – suggesting a back up option.

Academic consistencies, health, family background, finance, motivation to study – all these factors are considered while recommending careers. While we are talking about Career Counselling, what we do at the class 10 level is suggesting courses that will lead the child towards pursuing a career. These courses have to be carefully suggested. The onus on us is far more when we exclude a career rather than while suggesting it. The reasons have to be valid and should be justifiable. The experience of more than a decade has now equipped us to figure out why certain careers will be more suitable than others. However it is noteworthy that certain individuals are forced to select a career based only on opportunity and his urgent personal needs at that time.

It is best to use a scientific, objective methodology in the career decision-making process in order to find the most suitable match between who you are and the selected career.

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Updated: May 20, 2015 — 5:47 pm