The last year of college is always full of mixed feelings. At one end there is the anxiety of looking forward to the new life that exists beyond the campus and on the other the fear of starting a ‘new’ life. In the past few years, there has been some change in the way the final year students are seeing their last year. After all the ‘days’ are celebrated, the season for recruitment starts.

Earlier B-schools had a set pattern of placement season. Now even the engineering colleges and degree colleges have started having the placement season. Earlier most of the students started looking out for job as soon as their exams were over today the colleges have started offering employment support through their placement cell while they are in the final year.

It is generally the responsibility of the Placement Officer and his team to invite companies to the campus for recruitment. A schedule is made and the list is put up as to details of the company, the requirement and the selection procedure. Once this is done, it is the responsibility of the students to inform the Placement Officer whether they are interested in applying for the same or not. On a single day, many companies may be lined up at the campus. Group Discussion, Interview or a written test – an organization may use one or all or a combination to select the candidates they desire.

Before the Process

• To begin with, a student has to ensure that s/he is in regular touch with the placement cell to know the updates about the companies that will be coming to the campus.
• Prepare an impressive resume and maintain multiple copies
• Get used to formal attire
• Be prepared for the interview questions
• Read about a company and the profile before applying to going through the process is essential as it helps in decision making
• Brush up on the basics and update oneself of current affairs
• Attending pre-placement talks if they are conducted by any company.

During the Process:
• Understand the entire process of your college placement i.e. under what circumstances one can withdraw / reject or accept an offer.
• Once you have accepted an offer, you may not be allowed to be a part of the process, so be sure of your decision of accepting an offer.
• Try to identify your strengths in order to make a positive impact [assuming that most of the students from the same class may have similar projects / assignments and extra-curricular activities]
• If you have two offers on hand, be very objective about the growth, profile, the company and your scope in the organization; do not just base it on salary.
• Talk to your placement officers to find more information and facilitate decision making.
• Know the joining procedures, the date of joining, offer letters and so on.
• Do not lose hope if you have not been selected by the first company that comes, be prepared for other opportunities as well.
• You may have to go through more than one round of interview may be even 4 or 5, so keep your motivation levels high.
• Remember, You may be competing with your best friend for the potential job vacancy that is available, so be prepared for a healthy competition

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