What is the parent’s role in this?

MANAGING EXAMINATION STRESS CONTINUEDToday’s adolescents are more career minded and more focused. Even with all the difficulties of establishing a personal, social, vocational identity, adolescence is typically an interesting, exciting, positive threshold to adulthood.

Apart from pressure of performing well in studies, the students face lots of other situations, which cause stress in them. Managing stress of exams is a burning issue. Managing exam stress requires focus and persistence with some basic techniques like prioritized topics.

Some tips for parents to help their children cope with exam stress:

  • Do not criticize your child with the preparation done so far.

  • Always talk positive with your child. Never blame or unduly criticize him.

  • Always lend a helping hand and assure him/her that you are always with him/her in any crisis situation

  • Support your child through the examination with reassurance and positive strokes.

  • Identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Do not dwell on his / her weaknesses. Instead, acknowledge and capitalise on his/her strengths.

  • Have realistic expectations of and achievable goals for your child. Set goals in manageable incremental steps to enable your child to achieve them and experience success.

  • Parents can provide a space for study, ample light and ventilation (because oxygen available to the brain decides the ability to concentrate), and an environment devoid of disturbances.

  • The biggest support that Parents can extend is the emotional support – accept the preparation so far and motivate your child to maximize his/her potential and try to relax about the results.

  • If need be sacrifice some of out TV viewings so as to avoid temptations to the child.

  • Since health is one concern for the parent, timely healthy food to the child is a must which enhances the energy to study.

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