what is counselling??


what is counselling??

Problems, issues, concern, name it what you may are a fact of life. Facing these facts is essential but exploring solutions rather than merely living with the problems can surely reshape the face of these facts. This calls for help many a times.  The need for professional expertise in exploring solutions becomes a need of the hour. One word that comes to the mind is counselling.

Most of us have heard this term in some context but not necessarily in the right context.

Man being a social animal has many a times to put up with societal obligation thus leading to frustration and depression.  This situation often finds an answer in someone listening to him or her.  Sometimes an individual is not looking at solutions and answers but trying to reach out a patient ear and empathetic heart.  Every individual is looking for a quick remedy -probably a lasting one for every issue of concern. Many times we become circumstantial counsellors in our own capacity-be that the issue at personal level or professional level. Counselling happens everywhere, anywhere, anytime and all the time but not necessarily by the Professional Counsellors.

Very commonly, we generalize and limit the scope of counselling to specific aspects. A quick reaction to counselling is that it is- “only for people with a mental problem”.  But this is only a part of the whole truth. Counselling is a much broader and wider concept.

We all know that Counselling happens after some problem occurs, or something undesirable happens, but there is more to it -Things won’t reach the point of break down if Counselling is done at the Right Time by the Right People. This can be in various fields be it – Educational, Career, Marital, Parental, Rehabilitation and not to forget Counselling for Enhancing one’s Personality be it –Social Skills Training, Fear Management, Communication Skills, Relaxation Techniques, etc.

In brief, one can say that Counselling is not restricted to a particular group it is irrespective of gender, age, social status, race, caste, community, area, education, etc. it is a process of gaining self-awareness and therefore is Essential for Everyone.

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