Women Achievers Award

Women Achievers Award

Trailblazers and Triumphs: Women Achievers Award

I was awarded the ‘Women Achievers Award’ by the Young Environmentalists Programme for excellence in the field of Educational Counselling at Rodas Ecotel Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai.

Over 300 women gathered to celebrate and uplift women with grit and glory. I was humbled and proud of being in the august company of super-achieving women.

While I was waiting for my turn to receive the award, I was listening to my co-awardees, and I realized that all the women came from varied backgrounds, working relentlessly in their chosen fields – which varied from Business to Teaching to running a Yacht company. It seemed that truly there is no limit to any woman if she decides to pave her own way and reach her chosen destination and most importantly break the stereotypes.

Women Achievers Award

I have been in the field of Career Counselling for over a decade, and many parents feel that being a girl limits their career choices, but it isn’t so. I have had the chance to interact with young girls who dream of having successful careers.

These young girls are set to take on the challenges of the future and are ready to make all the efforts to ensure that they reach their dream destination. Girls are taking the plunge into various fields and it is wonderful to see the Parents support their little angel. With self-determination and a little support from the family, a girl can reach her fullest potential.

Education and Career – both have their own challenges and girls today are equipped to handle them with ease. They just need to be focused and prioritize. It’s time now that we all really not just educate a girl but give the girl what she needs the most – opportunity and we shall soon see the positive change and impact on society.

The vast array of careers and opportunities await those who are ready to live their dreams. With many girls taking up the less traveled roads, one thing is assured – girls will be making their presence felt very strongly.

This Women’s Day, I feel we need to start a new trend – we need to accept and give ourselves and all the girls a fair chance to be what they are capable of. Let’s accept in the potential of being the Woman a Girl can be!!


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