Importance of Career Counselling

Importance of Career Counselling

The world of work has been ever dynamic with the rising number of specializations in each profession. Though on one front this is a positive trend yet it brings along a tag of uncertainty and confusion among the young minds.

Besides the dilemma of choosing a career, youngsters also face added pressures to conform to societal norms and parental expectations. In this stormy sea, Career Guidance and Counselling stays afloat as a raft.

What is this career guidance and counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling is a helping service to make correct choice from among innumerable alternatives faced by the individual, for if at all the choice is incorrect, the decision is irreversible and the individual may face a set back, failure, frustration or disillusionment. If correctly made, it will enhance his development build his/him self-confidence and set him/her on his onward journey of progress with satisfaction and self-fulfillment.  Hence career counselling plays a crucial role in one’s life.

How does Career Guidance and Counselling perform this unique role?

In today’s highly competitive world, there has evolved a parallel demand for professionalism in all spheres of employment; in terms of ability, interest, personality and motivation.

A complete self-understanding is possible only when we know our aptitudes, intelligence level, personality factors and interest pattern. Though we do have an idea of our potentials, interests and personality, it may be biased and very limited. We cannot take a gamble whilst making long-term decisions, such as career choice, solely on the basis of ‘self-analysis’, for this will definitely be a decision made in the dark. We require a more stable and concrete base. It is essential that we make an informed decision, which is one that is made in the context of sound and accurate knowledge.

The process of Career Guidance and Counselling is a scientific and objective one, involving the usage of psychometric tests, which are reliable and valid. It is through the usage of these tests that we can arrive at a fairly accurate judgement of ourselves.

Before we understand the details of the self-awareness framework, it is imperative for us to know that Counselling Psychologists, who are trained with the requisite psychological tools to deal with concerns pertaining to career choice, administer the psychometric tests.

We must realize that every individual is unique and has his/her own set of interests and abilities. In order to be aware of your interest, abilities,  personality and intelligence, the tests measuring these aspects of you are conducted.

Intelligence Tests, measures the ability to grasp new concepts as well as the ability to generalize and think constructively.

Aptitude test is a test that indicates a person’s potential ability for performance of a certain type of activity of a specialized skill and within a restricted age.

Interest Inventories measure nothing but our pattern of likes and dislikes for certain jobs/vocations. The information gained from these inventories may act as indicators of future job satisfaction.

Personality Inventories measure the individual characteristics, which influence one’s behavior, such as boldness, creativity, sensitivity, social warmth, tension level, individualism, etc.

A complete assessment is one in which all these areas are measured, without a single exception.

The Counselling Psychologist then draws a profile of your intelligence, aptitude, personality and interests. And on the basis of a combination of these areas a number of career avenues that are well matched for you are put forth.

Based on the psychometric test results career counselling session is conducted to discuss the profile as well as assist the individuals in their transitions from one educational/occupational level to the next.

Furthermore, information involving the nature of work and future prospects of the related careers is also provided. The final career choice will be made exclusively by you.

Plant a good seed of ‘informed decision’, nourish it with hard work, perseverance and optimism and the fruits of success will definitely reap.

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