College Selection



College Selection

A question that becomes a nightmare for parents and children equally is the choice of stream after schooling. The decision may be arrived through various approaches. Once the decision of the stream is made, the next question, though important, but quite obviously overlooked – which college to go to? For many, this question might itself sound irrelevant. The pressure of securing admission [now as it is an online procedure] is so high that the choice of college takes a back seat. But as the tension of seeking admission gets over, reality starts sinking in. though a little background check about the college is done or known by informal resources or by virtue of being in the same area, things start looking different.


Some of the factors that one considers while selecting a college:

  • Reputation
  • Availability of seats in the college depending on the individual percentage
  • Vicinity from residence
  • Ranking
  • Single-gender system [only girls colleges]
  • Cost of education
  • Location


But there are other important factors too, that need to be considered. Some of them are

  • Accreditation

This is one of the most important, yet overlooked factor. It is very essential that the college is well recognized by the concerned authorities /bodies [AICTE/ DTE/ GOI/ Ministry of HRD/ ISO certification/NBA/ NAAC, and so on] and the courses offered by the college are also recognized. As many a times, new courses, though offered by the college, are not recognized.

  • Course content

One of the basic questions that need to answer is -does it suit your requirements? Are the specializations, which you intend to take up in the years to come available. As it is seen that students have to change their colleges in the critical years of their college to get their choice of subject. This factor comes into picture as students move ahead especially for the Humanities/ Science field during the last year of Graduation.

  • College Culture

Many may or may not agree to this point. But certainly, college culture is very important. Somebody hailing from a conventional background may find it difficult to adjust to the new culture or vice versa, thus affecting the performance on academics.

  • Extra – curricular activities

This factor is applicable for the students who are interested in participating in extra – curricular activities like  sports / theatre / cultural event [singing /dancing] /NCC /NSS  and so on. Participating in these activities ensure an overall development of personality.

  • Facilities

Though less visited and used by many, facilities like library, audio-visual aids, medical room, round the clock internet access, photocopy machines, canteen facilities, computers, recreation rooms, extra curricular activities play a vital role. If appropriately used, these facilities ensure the right inputs of knowledge and skills.

  • Placement

Especially in case of professional courses like engineering, hotel management, fashion designing, understanding the past placement scenario and the future help in acquiring employment is also very crucial. A Placement Cell can also equip students to face Interviews & pave a bright future.


The student should study the profile of the college and try to learn much about their history and development, its structure – physical, academic and intellectual, its teaching staff, fields of study, offered specializations, training courses, qualification improvement etc. It may help to know that despite all the differences among colleges, there are characteristics commonly shared among colleges of high quality that one should consider in its search for the right one. By gathering information about support for learning ranging from institutional mission, to curriculum, to campus culture, prospective students can determine whether a college is a good match for their educational goals and needs.

With college costs rising as they are, students and their parents want to be assured that they will get the best value from their college investment. Hence it is imperative to evaluate the options and personal goals and then take the decision.

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