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BIOINFORMATICS Introduction In last decade, Bioinformatics has emerged as a new discipline. In simple terms Bioinformatics combines Biology, Mathematics, and Computer software. It involves the use of information technology in studying the life sciences, a combination of IT and biotechnology.  Thus one can say that Bioinformatics is the convergence of two technological revolutions, the explosive […]

Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales The most interchangeably used courses & career with a lot similarity yet not the same. Marketing is a total system of interacting business activities designed to plan, promote and distribute need- satisfying products and services to existing and potential consumers. Marketing broadly includes discovering the products/services customers want, producing/designing the product, pricing […]

Aircraft Engineer

Aircraft Engineer Kartik lived very close to the airport in Mumbai. Every 5 minutes he could see an aircraft either landing or taking off. It all seemed very fascinating to him. He always wondered, “how does this huge piece of machine work?” As a kid he had always played with a toy plane, dismantled it […]

what is counselling??

  what is counselling?? Problems, issues, concern, name it what you may are a fact of life. Facing these facts is essential but exploring solutions rather than merely living with the problems can surely reshape the face of these facts. This calls for help many a times.  The need for professional expertise in exploring solutions […]

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