Testing Times

It’s that time of the year again, where parents are more concerned and have a nightmare – “what next?’. The career confusion in the recent pas has increased fourfold, as every institute offers world class education and every career seems to be promising. This adds to the confusion and the parents who were probably sure of what they wanted their child to pursue are in bigger dilemma. In this story let’s not forget the child – they have their own ideas, fantasies and myths about careers.

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Today’s generation seems to be missing the inner peace and one of the reasons is the highly competitive and stressful work and educational environment. Learning is supposed to be fun and workplace is an opportunity to showcase ones talent; but what I see is tension and stress. This leads to a very negative approach towards education and career; especially in the minds of young aspirants. I feel, my team and me are trying to ease this process and bring in an insight about careers. The effort is to update students with various career options so that they can make an informed decision; thereby reducing regrets. Being in the right career leads to overall peace, contentment and happiness in an individual and being able to enjoy what one is doing is essential for a fulfilling life.


The question is how to resolve this issue? One of the ways to resolve this confusion is by getting assessments done. Assessments aka Psychometric Assessment / Aptitude Tests/ Vocational Guidance Test are standardised tests of identifying the Aptitude, Personality and Intelligence  which are not based on academics, but focuses on the conceptual clarity and innate abilities of the student. These tests are administered by qualified Psychologists and are objective in nature. The timed nature of the tests, reveal the abilities of the student to perform in stipulated time.

A lot of students are sceptical about taking the test, as they feel that the result may not be as per their wish. Here it is essential to know that a combination of aptitudes is required for success in a career. There are many areas which are covered during the assessment which are aimed at pointing the best possible career option. The test results are different from what we are used to obtaining in school/college exams. There are first rankers or failures. They just indicate the potential in various areas which will be applicable in various careers.

These test results are to be considered in combination with other parameters as well. There cannot be only one test, one score and one resultant career. This is where a Psychologists study of students potential and careers result in right career guidance and identify in what areas a student would have the scope to grow and develop options for a bright future ahead. Assessments thus aid in bridging the gap between where you are, and where you want to go.

Updated: March 14, 2016 — 5:29 pm