Confusion between Psychology & Psychiatry

Confusion between Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychology broadly refers to an in-depth analysis of behavior with relevance to different life situations, be it human or even animal behavior. A parallel field, namely Psychiatry deals with issues of a similar nature concerning similar sections of the population.


So how different is Psychology from Psychiatry? Is it really different or are they the same courses with different names?

Difference in Curriculum


Psychologist – M.A./M.Sc [Psychology]


:- BA [Psychology]/Graduation in any stream.


– MBBS & Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychiatry


:- 10+2 [PCB]

Difference with regard to treatment methodology;

  • Ø Psychologists:- Involve majorly in counselling & psychotherapy

Includes verbal interactions & assessment.


  • Ø Psychiatrists:- Involve majorly in administering medication

Also include counselling alongside.

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