Choose wisely

We are in time of options. In fact, we cannot live without options now – so why should career be left out? Having a choice is always a good space to be in, but many times we observe that it leads to confusion. We meet parents who say that it was good during their times – only few careers and so choice was easy. Now with the rise in courses, specialisations, and study options – it has become more confusing. Or rather it feels that options create confusion.

But given the fact that we are raising children to find their own self, create their own identity; won’t the concept of options be really good for them? Why has it become stressful? The reasons are:

  • Impact of technology on many careers and the lack of knowledge about the same

  • Lack of awareness about changing times on parents and students part

  • Uncertainty about future of careers

  • Fast changing careers

  • New age specializations

  • Fear of failure

  • Risks involved

  • Stakes of investment are high, hence focus on returns

  • Lack of feedback on new courses or careers

The above reasons maybe generic, and may not include all the possible reasons of stress, but do resonate the mass concerns about having options. So how could we make having options more positive and stress free? Here are some pointers to make the most of having options:

  • Gather information – you may have to read, talk and listen to professionals about the options. Do not jump to conclusion.

  • Get a hang of technology – workplace is changing, so the worker also has to change

  • Be prepared, do not panic.

  • Weigh your options in terms of time, resources, money, potential employment opportunities and values, and then take a final call.

  • Do not get influenced what outwardly claims or what seems to be easy. Focus on what you can do and want to do.

  • Just do not make a decision with one opinion or mass ideas. Explore and analyse yourself.

  • Do not just look at every new career option from a negative point of view.

  • Use vacation time to visit college, understand curriculum and yourself, then finalise.

  • Try to inculcate the right approach towards employability and career.

  • Inculcate dignity of labour – this will help you look at some of the career options without any bias.

  • Be open to explore new ideas – maybe your child can start a new career by itself. Look at career counselling as a field – We started one!

Remember, having an option to choose, is the best thing to happen, so choose wisely.