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Choose wisely

We are in time of options. In fact, we cannot live without options now – so why should career be left out? Having a choice is always a good space to be in, but many times we observe that it leads to confusion. We meet parents who say that it was good during their times […]


What is the parent’s role in this? Today’s adolescents are more career minded and more focused. Even with all the difficulties of establishing a personal, social, vocational identity, adolescence is typically an interesting, exciting, positive threshold to adulthood. Apart from pressure of performing well in studies, the students face lots of other situations, which cause […]

New Year revision!!

New Year Rivision

Unfortunately, for those taking exams in the New Year, that also means revision. Studying might not seem like a recipe for festive fun, but fear not. You need this time off to be with your family, catch up with friends and just indulge in some home comforts. The whole point of doing revision over the […]

Testing Times

It’s that time of the year again, where parents are more concerned and have a nightmare – “what next?’. The career confusion in the recent pas has increased fourfold, as every institute offers world class education and every career seems to be promising. This adds to the confusion and the parents who were probably sure […]

Women Achievers Award

Yesterday I was awarded the ‘Women Achievers Award’ by Young Environmentalists Programme for her excellence in the field of Educational Counselling at Rodas Ecotel Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai. Over 300 women gathered to celebrate and uplift women with grit and glory. I was humbled and proud of being the august company of super achieving women. While […]

Career Counsellor & you

Most of the people come to meet us because they are confused, which is logical. Why would anyone visit a counsellor otherwise? Because the wise understand that getting a Confirmation of their career path is also essential to turn it into a Concrete plan. The decision should, therefore, be made in a rational manner to […]


Biotechnology is an upcoming popular career option for many students. It is one of the rapidly growing areas of science that is catching up with youngsters of today. Simply stating, Biotechnology is the use of the 2 most important areas of science – biology and technology. However, it’s not at all a new or a […]