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Earlier, many people were born into a career. A farmer’s son became a farmer, a businessman’s son became a businessman or a lawyer’s son followed his father’s footsteps. Unlike the earlier generations, who were born into a career, one of the most challenging tasks faced by the youth today, is to make a career for themselves.

With growing competition & increasing career opportunities, it has become very important for the youth to make the right career choices. Career – most talked, discussed, thought, advised & surely … the most sought after.

To begin with – what is a career? To put it in simple words, it would mean a profession, work done to earn a livelihood or in a broader sense it could also mean a course through life.

Today’s world has surely redefined the meaning of career. It’s become a broader term, encompassing even the personal life, the social status & future prospects. Career is not only having a profession, but also what it offers because of a profession!

To survive in today’s competitive world it is essential to have a career. To put it appropriately, to make a career! The reasons may vary. But the crux is – a continuous momentum to remain in tune with the change for a stable & secure future.

A career holds different meanings for different people. It is a combination of Personal & Professional satisfaction. Opportunities to grow & challenges, recognition & rewards, an identity & individuality for oneself – is expected of a career.

With the information overload it has become a much more difficult task to choose. The vast array of careers and opportunities available has made it even more essential that a logical thought process is involved in career decision. Every new day brings with it a new aspiration – of taking up almost every existing profession.

To become successful in the chosen field, the individual should be aware, first, of his/her own strengths & weaknesses, aptitude & ability. The success parameters differ from person to person. What may be the potential of one may not be of the other. Career is a very personal decision. Hence, the “herd mentality”, should be avoided and focus on one’s owns self. Psychometric Assessments, Vocational Guidance & various other techniques under the guidance of professionally qualified Psychologists & Counselors could be used.

Once self-assessment is completed through proper scientific methods, a profile could be obtained, which proves to be useful in facilitating the decision-making process. A career could be that of a Nurse, a Social Worker, a Teacher or even a Dental Mechanic and not necessarily, that of a Software Developer, or an Engineer or a Doctor. So, one should take note that one should pursue a career of one’s own choice, even if it is not the most “sought after” or not one of the “in” careers.

One, timely & right decision is like a Sound Investment for a lifetime. Opportunities come & go, but an opportunity picked up at the right moment has its own advantages. This indeed is being careerwise!

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