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What is Career Counselling

  what is career counselling? Career counselling is a personalized process that combines both intuitive and cognitive techniques to help you understand yourself, explore career options, and clarify and attain desired career/lifestyle goals. The processes of career counselling offer insight, guidance and support to help you understand and manage varied career and lifestyle issues. Career […]

Why Career Planning?

Why Career Planning? Children today are offered so many choices and opportunities that it is often difficult for them to decide on “the best” career path to follow. To add to the agony there are several pressures from parents, friends, relatives and teachers to get high percentages. Alongside there also goes on a riot in the […]

Medical Lab Technician & Medical Lab Technologist

Medical Lab Technologist There are two levels of medical laboratory workers–technicians and technologists. Medical technologists have more training and job responsibilities. They perform more complex tests and often supervise other laboratory workers. Technologists are often responsible for making sure that testing is done properly. For instance, Blood bank technologists determine correct blood types for transfusions. […]

what is counselling??

  what is counselling?? Problems, issues, concern, name it what you may are a fact of life. Facing these facts is essential but exploring solutions rather than merely living with the problems can surely reshape the face of these facts. This calls for help many a times.  The need for professional expertise in exploring solutions […]

Career Wise

CAREER WISE Earlier, many people were born into a career. A farmer’s son became a farmer, a businessman’s son became a businessman or a lawyer’s son followed his father’s footsteps. Unlike the earlier generations, who were born into a career, one of the most challenging tasks faced by the youth today, is to make a […]

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